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"Last month federal immigration agents raided 60 Wal-Mart stores across the country as part of “Operation Rollback”. Reports estimate that over 250 immigrant janitors were arrested in the raids, many after working on night shift cleaning crews. Many of these workers are now in “removal proceedings,” meaning that the government is seeking to deport them from the U.S., an act that will separate family members and generate greater fear in immigrant communities. "
Take Action: Don't Deport the Wal-Mart Janitors!

"After federal agents raided 60 Wal-Mart stores in October and found more than 200 illegal immigrants in the cleaning crews, the world's largest retailer was quick to defend itself from this enormous embarrassment."
Middlemen in the Low-Wage Economy


F*ck walmart 

via Life Is Killing Me
"He'll sit on irc all day and cry about companies like paypal and enron being evil, but shop at m*th*r f*ck*ng walmart!"


ActForChange Petition: Don't Buy Me Wal-Mart for the Holidays 

ActForChange Petition: Don't Buy Me Wal-Mart for the Holidays

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